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i think this technically gets around my "if I cant see my tab icons i have to close some" rule


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Using Slack for organizing or activism? You should be aware of the ways it can fall short in protecting your security. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/02/revo

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emacs: good at lots of things, bad at displaying really long lines

@cwebber congrats on finding the one thing @nightpool can't do ;)

it's an honor to watch you work

@clacke whoops, yeah, I don't link to this account _anywhere_. I should probably fix that :P

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2017 was the year of taking TensorFlow and publishing training sets for it and calling it "deep learning"

2018 will be the year of shoving merkle trees into every god damn thing we can and calling it a blockchain

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If you want to crawl Mastodon activity stats, here is my script to do it. Takes only about a minute or two. gist.github.com/Gargron/a68036

@clacke lmaoooo I have no idea

Maybe a semver-major change landed in git master and it's expected...? Dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@clacke yep! Maybe I should put that in my profile or something...

@clacke @feld @Gargron fun fact, Node.js actually has some tooling to do this! Though from your description it sounds like it's nowhere near as comprehensive as Rust's. github.com/nodejs/citgm

@skellat @clacke @feld @Gargron meh. Point taken, but you're going to have that problem no matter what, and there are relatively simple solutions to it. Mirroring the parts of the npm registry you depend on, for example.

npm also changed its policies after that so an incident like that can't happen in the future.

@clacke @feld @Gargron oh absolutely, semver is not without its flaws. IMO it's better than anything before it but it doesn't replace e.g. testing. This is why lockfiles exist.

@clacke @feld @Gargron ok first of all because I am a jerk,

second of all is that really worse than *not* using open source? I mean, if you're not tracking security holes that other people find, I can't imagine you're actively looking for security holes in code only you can see

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@drequivalent @cwebber People already have computers in their bodies: pace makers, defibrillators, insulin pumps, cochlear implants, and etc. Karen Sandler recently spoke again about the topic in relation to her defibrillator: sfconservancy.org/news/2018/fe

She and people like her are out on the forefront of this, but perhaps people interested in wearable and elective body modification tech could join them to help make progress on these issues? That would be cool.

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@drequivalent Also my suspicion is that we're going to *need* a libre hardware version of these in terms of "computing is becoming part of you more and more physically, and user freedom issues are no longer nerd rights but human rights"

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Identify: who are you?

Authenticate: prove who you are!

Authorize: I know who you are, here's what you're allowed to do.

(Noted for myself so I don't forget and so I use these terms correctly.)

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*i open a website*

*it gives me a small electric shock*

ah i love the static web