Looking for a job on Accessibility?

Access42 is hiring (lang="fr", but you may not need to be a fluent french speaker, check with them)


No standard emoji for videoconferencing? 💻 🎧

Wrote a thing on dev.to dev.to/torgo/why-get-involved- about why you should get involved in web standards and how you can join the upcoming W3C TPAC breakout sessions.

Can we please, please – PLEASE! not make the nonsensical US date format month/day/year the default in applications? 🤦‍♂️


And to all users of that format: it makes no sense, it's counter-intuitive, it makes collaboration frustrating, it introduces inconsistencies and errors... Just stop. Please. Use international standards.
(And don't get me started on your other units of weights, volumes and distances. Bloody hell.)

Boost if I'm right.

Bye bye Systems team, I'm now back to a Projects team full-time.

We are recruiting for a *6 month contract* web developer advocate for our Samsung Internet dev advocacy team (based in London). See details on the role and apply here: sec.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com/en-U and feel free to DM me if you have any questions.

Our next TAG face-to-face meeting will be in Reykjavík, Iceland! Are you a local web professional? Come to our meet-up in the evening of 21 May, hosted by our friends at @vivaldibrowser@twitter.com, & join us in a conversation about the future of the web! ti.to/w3c-tag/meet-the-tag-rey 🇮🇸

On my way back from #w3ctpac. This is an amazing community that I have been involved with since 2001, and continues to evolve and to work at the forefront of web technology. I'm very glad to have helped to sponsor some attendees and to have brought many TPAC newbies to join in.🕸️

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