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"Industry lobbyists who want to continue monetising users’ online data are battling against new ePrivacy regulations, targeting EU member states in the Council. And some member state governments are only too happy to help." #privacy #gdpr #rgdp

Canonical EXI is a Recommendation

3 implementations already,
to be used in at least 2 future ISO/IEC standards (one for electric vehicles -V2G-, one for graphics)

Some people have started working on #"GitPub is a #decentralized #federation protocol based on the W3C's #ActivityPub, which extends #ActivityStream 2.0. It provides a server to server API for pull request, #forking and subscription of repositories provided by #Git web services." (yes, can't beleive even this is still on f-ing #github!)


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Woohoo! WCAG2.1 is an @W3C Recommendation! Props to the @PacielloGroup crew that helped make it happen... @Patrick_H_Lauke @SteveFaulkner @Iheni @JSpellman

The Web Design & Development Bundle from O'Reilly has been the most popular bundle this month by far!!

It's still available for another week, so take your time in deciding if you want it or not.

#HumbleBundle #WebDev #WebDesign #OReilly #ad

You may be interested in #peerTube which is a decentralized-federated video hosting network.

more on peerTube

support the project

This ongoing campaign aims at giving Peertube a more international audience and gain traction (bugreports, possibly patches and every kind of contribution, including "install-your-own-instance") as well as collecting money for development.

Just spreading the message would be a nice help. Thanks!

Speaking as a user — THIS 500 KB site is the web I want.

Speaking as someone who worries about the architecture of the web — I keep thinking that we’ve built a platform that is serves, in this example: 9% content, 91% ads and tracking.



@Gargron "Mastodon: It doesn't sell your data to Cambridge Analytica!"

"No standards, too many groups, not enough coordination. We should centralize the work on Internet decentralization." #IETF101

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#Usenet n'est pas mort tant qu'on continue à faire des #RFC sur ce #rézosocio décentralisé (trente ans plus vieux que Mastodon)

RFC 8315: Cancel-Locks in Netnews articles

Two things we do at to help promote greater speaker diversity a tech events: (1) enforce our diversity & inclusion policy & (2) donate any offered speaker fee or stipend to a diversity ticket or travel bursary fund. #gdcfpday

“Because only those who wear the shoe know where it pinches, and women know best what they want and what they don’t want.”

-NUWSS Leaflet 1913

This, incidentally, is why we need all types of people to help build the Web — not just a few. Any few.

Here’s to progress.

Plus the @W3C Core Accessibility API Mappings (AAM)
In a day of many new @W3C Recommendations, #ARIA 1.1 is officially released

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