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cristomc @cristomc

Thinking about make contributions to design's proposal... Somebody knows where can I start?

Good morning! this weekend I'll try to continue... community is increasing... wonderfull!

Well, User & actor creation it's done... Change from PHP to node it's quite easy, but I need more time and understanding to make some things...

I decided to link an user with a person (1-1 relation), with no-secured conection & static elements like language... next target: objects & activities

Good morning! Well, I'm still trying to make a good code for LyPub, I'm thinking of use a full abstraction class of objects, and create subclass for specific elements...

It's a little confusing some terms of AP, and make that class will blow my mind...

I'm still alive! Well after a looong stop, I'll start again my new project, using activy pub, of course.

It will be called LyPub network, using a MEAN stack (Node/Express JS 4 back-end & API, Angular 4/cli front-end).

I abandoned Vidali due team conflicts, and the code was very heavy to mantain. I decided to drop some features now and I'll start from scratch. Next weeks I hope having a basic API without security.

Let's see if I can win more speed developing

I've been absolutely off these months... sorry!, Just moved to my new neighborhood, changed my job and I'm going to leave my own company... after that, I'll be on again :)

@dissolve At the moment I only developed a basic support for ActivityPub, the code is messy and i'm not sure if it can be easily used to support microformats2 or webmention.

I'm talking with my team, we have to close the company so I'll try to release the code if all are agree. In other case, I'll rewrite the project using laravel and make it public

Well... looks like I can find a new job easy... this week I have to release a pre-alpha of vidali server... going to talk with my company mates to make a correct roadmap.

stay tunned!

I have to find a new job....

Menawhile, I'll develop ActivityPub Implementation on my "free" time

Off these days... I just returned from travelling and My renter just said that I can not have my dog in the house (an annnoying neighbour that complains all time...)

This will be a hard problem for me as developer now, because in Madrid houserenting it's really expensive now, so I have to find more ways to earn money.

I'll continue the develop of Vidali when I have stability again...

I think that the base API for Vidali is developed. Well, It's an EARLY alpha and needs a lot of improvements, tweaks, and fixes, but I think that it can be used for receive feedback. I'll release an API URL for testing when I finish some things.

It will have OAUTH enabled by default, so I have to give a client id for being used.

Good morning!, wow, new followers... Nice!

Time to work... I'm thinking about release an really **early** alpha of the server.

@cwebber It's not ready ATM, well the project is Vidali, it was developed before in PHP with slim (server) and Backbone.js (client). Now I'm refactoring code to Update server (using AP spec) and a new client with Angular. I'll make a blog ASAP, but I have to work too :)

Finally, GET of outbox and GET of Inbox almost implemented, time to following and followers collections

The good side of this, It can be that if everything works, I'll release an alpha soon. The bad side: alpha needs a lot of help improving quality of code... it's a little dirty 🤔

LEL, I made a mistake with the recipients, should aim to their Inbox 😆

Well, after (almost) 3 weeks, some refactoring stuff, and a lot of pain, I can create objects, activities in the outbox in . There is a lot of stuff to fix (and improve code of course)

Now, time to the inbox!

@AndStatus BTW it would be awesome the communication in a single client with the federated world, let's see if activitypub takes more relevance...

@AndStatus It looks similar, but I'm not sure if it would be minor changes for pump clients, well. once I finish, you can Try to use it!

@AndStatus of course! Well, I'm working (and researching a lot also) in the server side ATM, once I can make a full user case, I'll give the API for testing. In this moment, I can create users, notes (client side must send activity currently), and post to outbox. I also have to fix IDs in DDBB, because i need UUIDs to avoid problems in inbox POST. In some moment I would ask for help to @rhiaro or W3C team, I have some doubts in the implementation. 😅

@AndStatus Well I started my project in 2011 (but I had to stop public development in 2015), now I'm rebuilding and updating my project for release a new version, using ActivityPub instead my old design.
Now, my project will focused also in offering services as a layer. (ex: my research on mobility on 2014 as a service I think that federation is a step ahead in social nets and services. That's the reason why I didn't choose joining another project :)