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@maloki would love to talk some time about thoughts on simplifying and potentially replacing webfinger. Ideally keep the current format but extend it to bring in the indieweb, and simplify implementation significantly.

An updated w3c working draft of JF2 just went out. Now includes JF2 Feed profile.

Is John McCain going senile?

@maloki @Gargron, If we were to experiment with webmention for some type of federation, as that's a larger change would you want a hand in it, or would it be better to prototype separately and come to mastodon with patches? Different people prefer it different ways.
I think the first one might be to check for salmon OR webmention endpoint in order to be able to follow them.

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Public report of talk by @gargron. In Japanese. (I used Google translate to read it, and it seemed to come out fine.)

Thanks @sandro for setting this instance up

I feel like the first thing that is needed is the ability to add some additional URLs to your profile