‪As many of you are pointing out, this is an exciting but massive change. ‬

‪@NHSDigital@twitter.com are running a consultation, asking what kind of guidance is useful, how to prioritise services, etc. ‬

‪Please help — we need your comments and suggestions by 14 June.‬


‪** klaxon! **‬

‪We’re moving the NHS away from private networks like N3 and HSCN to running our services over the internet.‬

‪This should make it easier to build digital tools for the NHS—in the same way we do for other sectors.‬

‪Please help!‬


joined us, esp on his proposal to change the first party/third party division for cookies.

He's focused on the use case (hypothesis?) that (link: google.com) google.com & (link: youtube.com) youtube.com may be logically equivalent to users, or (link: amazon.com) amazon.com & .fr


.@jyasskin@twitter.com joined us to talk about signed exchanges, where a publisher (like a news source) signs a package for someone else (like a search engine) to serve-- but still as part of the publisher's origin.


@tag minutes cryptpad.w3ctag.org/code/#/2/c

We just finished discussing the evolution of with @triblondon@twitter.com.

Should it split into 3?
• sandboxing behaviours within an iframe
• imposing conditions on the document itself, and
• dealing with permission-requiring features



Hey web devs in Iceland!

We the @w3ctag are hosting a mini-unconference in Reykjavík on Tue the 21st.

Lightning talks by @GudmundurMar, @sundress, and Hjalmar Gislason; then planned-on-the-spot sessions on your topics of choice.

Come join us!


Today's @tag meeting included:

• Web Publications review and Audiobooks
• User Activation Delegation through postMessages
• Planning for next week's face to face in Reykjavík


What problem is designed to solve?

I got to talk about my own experience of coding for the NHS and why we need an internet-like data layer in health and care.

At the Digital Transformation in Urgent and Emergency Care Conference


‪And then tomorrow night, I’ll be talking at @LDNWebPerf@twitter.com about and the architecture we have in mind for the NHS...‬

(Spoiler: it looks a lot like the Internet!)


‪Going through family NHS memorabilia. Fun to see the history...‬

‪These blood donation records are wonderful. ‬

‪The National Blood Transfusion Service... (now essentially @NHSBT@twitter.com)

‪Today was our 1st @NHSX all-staff. A big room full of people with all kinds of experience & expertise, creating an organisation where they can use their skills to the fullest.‬

‪Felt good to collectively start the creative, curious & learning culture we know is key for innovation.‬

NHS Hack Day is always a highlight of my year... (Though l’ll admit I’m a bit gutted not to be hacking myself!)

Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with though.

RT @nhshackday@twitter.com We are delighted to announce @hadleybeeman (DHSC) @GillianLeng@twitter.com (NICE) and @wendyclar@twitter.com (NHS Digital) have agreed to judge @nhshackday 15-16th of June 2019 @ The Trampery, Old St, London

This was brilliant — thanks, NIA fellows, for exploring with me how we can help the entire NHS become more innovative.

Great stuff for — and more to follow!

RT @NHSAccelerator@twitter.com Excellent opportunity to hear from @hadleybeeman as to @DHSCgovuk@twitter.com @NHSX@twitter.com priorities and for NIA fellows to share their experiences & learning from spreading innovation in the nhs. Thanks again @hadleybeeman

RT @NHSX@twitter.com:
What does it mean for to be an open source organisation? New blogpost by NHSXer @Edent

(See if you can spot the bug in the code!)



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