‪…to make life work better on the ground. To help us all get through this.‬

‪Particularly to @NHSX@twitter.com, @NHSDigital@twitter.com, @NHSBSA@twitter.com and every tech organisation and individual working through the weekend and the weeks — I want to pay tribute to you. It’s quite a contribution. ‬


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Sending a shout-out to all the developers, user researchers, scientists, hackers & makers helping the national effort to respond to .‬

‪Tools for our front-line NHS staff, for us as citizens, for decision-makers to manage beds & supplies — using the best of their skills…‬


‪NEW: mobile-friendly and accessible version of our dashboard to track coronavirus cases in the UK‬



‪Track coronavirus: @PHE_UK@twitter.com have produced a dashboard to keep us all up to date. ‬

‪Very well done to the team on getting an alpha up so quickly! Mobile-friendly version and more iterations to follow‬


‪Track coronavirus: @PHE_UK@twitter.com have produced a dashboard to keep us all up to date. ‬

‪Very well done to the team on getting an alpha up so quickly! Mobile-friendly version and more iterations to follow‬


Just finished prep for day 1 of @tag face-to-face meeting in Wellington, NZ.

(And Seoul, South Korea.)
(And London, UK.)

Who says the web isn’t global? 🌏🌐💻💪


: is recruiting a new Head of Open Tech!

We need to open up the ecosystem. Open source, open standards, open source...

Help us make health and care more open! It makes things better.

Closes Fri 28 Feb


Today’s @tag mtg included:

•Foldable screens: Should the CSS APIs to show content on a foldable screen also work for multiple desktop monitors?
•Is it possible to find words to ask a user if a website should access their NFC device, like a yubikey?


‪Big congrats to @NHSDigital@twitter.com Jackie Shears, @DWPDigital@twitter.com’s @joannerewcastle@twitter.com, my old @mozilla colleague @epilepticrabbit and all the other winners and nominees at the @WomenInITAwards‬@twitter.com.

‪Fantastic women doing inspiring work. Well done all round! 👏👏👏‬

I’m looking forward to talking about NHSX at @UKGovCamp@twitter.com today, and seeing what the rest of the community are working on.

Once a year, we all come together to share, inspire, recharge and reconnect. It’s going to be a great day.

This week's @tag meetings included:

• Web Transport, to improve games and live streaming
• Proposals for APIs to measure clicks (like on an ad) -> conversion (like a purchase)


.@NHSX needs a Director to create our Skunkworks team!

You’ll lead a team of product managers, developers and user researchers to build prototypes, to work with users on new ideas, and to expand our understanding of what’s possible.

Closes 15 Jan


‪Last call! Recruitment for ’s new Director of Standards & Interoperability — closes tonight at 23:59. ‬

‪We just need a CV and a personal statement to get things started.‬

‪Looking forward to hearing from you!‬


As we all head out to vote today, it’s a good time to remember the people who make our democracy work.

Polling station staff, returning officers, ballot box movers, count teams… Thanks to you and to everyone else who make our elections happen.

. @torgo, @dbaron and I resolved our issue on the proposed hrefTranslate attribute, for a referring page to hint to the browser that the user is likely to want it to show the next page in another language.



We've explored how we use our time: how much should be design reviews, looking at proposed features for the web - vs - writing broader findings & guides on the architecture of the web.

We want to maximise our impact, balancing the hands-on with the theoretical.

New from the @tag:
Updated Ethical Web Principles.

• Improved text on accessibility for people with disabilities
• Moving beyond the browser-based web to include data
• Enhanced sustainability language
• Clearer text on 'open' and 'decentralized'


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