‪Wonderful week in China at @WEF@twitter.com with some great British companies. Really enjoyed exploring the future of healthcare and the opportunity to make the UK the most advanced healthtech ecosystem in the world.‬

In this particular part of London... even the bins are a little bit hipster.

Week Notes - Sick Note

Bleugh! After an amazing time at #EMFcamp, I succumbed to the post-festival lurgy. So this week is mostly brought to you by Vick Vapour Rub and Kleenex 🤧 🤧 🤧 Presenting I was honoured to be asked to visit the National Archives in Kew to talk about AI strategy. The whole event was streamed and…[...]


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S Club 7, again. Why won't this ear worm die.

Thanks for a great day, @ukhealthcamp@twitter.com! I loved brainstorming with all of you. My head is buzzing with all your of ideas and projects and the potential for improving our services… I only wish we did these more often.

Hats off to the organisers; a terrific event!

📷: @glynwintle@twitter.com

‪Hats off especially to everyone at @NHSEngland@twitter.com and @NHSDigital@twitter.com, who did an amazing job with this massive event! @ExpoNHS‬

It’s a bit of a shame we have to wait another year for the next one...!

‪I loved — thanks so much to all who organised it, exhibited at it, and came together to celebrate and scheme about better ways to build and use technology for healthcare.‬

‪Oh, and making decisions based on user needs. This is critical to breaking the lock-in to specific vendors and letting us continually choose better and better tools.

‪Everything should come from the user need‬.

‪I’m delighted that we get to work with @bengoldacre@twitter.com on this journey of transforming the NHS.‬

‪We have a lot to do to unlock the potential in AI, health outcomes & research— for patients & all the immensely clever people in the NHS. But it’s going to be fun‬

‪Exciting to hear @matthancock@twitter.com’s vision for the most advanced health and social care system in the world ‬

‪We need‬
‪• All our systems able to talk to each other (mandated open standards & APIs)‬
‪• Flexibility to meet local user needs‬
‪• Not another NPfIT‬


‪Today’s @w3ctag meeting included:‬

‪• More discussion on workflow for improving the Security and Privacy Questionnaire to help spec authors ‬
‪• Our draft guidelines for creating web components‬
‪• RTC transport protocols ‬


I had an utterly amazing weekend at . Ethernet-to-the-tent, hydraulic hexapods, bionic hands for amputees, how the internet is changing emergency response, lasers and flame throwers (just because we can)… and so much more I didn’t have time to get to.

Not all of was high-tech. Turns out sticks are still best for roasting marshmallows.


‪Are you in Galway and want to get some experience in your public speaking? Feel like conferences are passing you up for “better known” speakers?‬

‪Here are your @300_seconds to give it a go among friends! The only way to get better and build your portfolio is to actually do it.‬

26 Sept


Will be keen to see the final paper and underlying data. But I’m thrilled the authors put out preliminary findings as soon as possible. Very good work here... and thank you for giving us all evidence to work from!

‪I’d love to see this broken down by browser, since each browser changes a different set of features for the web platform when you turn on private browsing. (Or incognito mode, or whatever term they use.)‬

doesn’t do what users think it should do.‬

‪This is v useful. If users don’t know what happens when they flip that switch, they can’t make sensible decisions to keep their data safe.‬

‪From @Ruba_AbuSalma@twitter.com @convoluted_code@twitter.com at @brave & @uclcs@twitter.com

‪Today’s @tag meeting:‬

‪• Embedding web resources in MPEG. When you want to deliver a videoed lecture with HTML slides, how do you sort the timing and delivery?‬

‪With special guests @twentyninepalms@twitter.com @cconcolato@twitter.com @daithesong@twitter.com


Today’s @tag meeting included:

• ’commit’ method in OffscreenCanvas, to send an animation frame to the display when it is rendered offscreen (like in VR)
• What attribute names should be valid for custom elements in HTML?
• Making cookies delivered over HTTP expire early to minimise the amount of info sent insecurely across the network


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