Today's @tag meeting included:

• Privacy implications for the Layout Instability Metric (measuring jank, when things in the page load asynchronously)
• The Web of Things architecture
• Started to review a proposal for WebSocketStream

Morning! Today's @w3ctag meeting included:

• Proposed layout instability metric (measuring jank, when things in the page load asynchronously)
• JSON modules, statically import and parse JSON (rather than fetch + import.meta.url etc)
• Web of Things

I'm thrilled to be joining as acting CTO.

We have a lot of work to do to get our systems talking to each other (standards and APIs) and get patient info to where they need it most (user needs).

I'm joining a brilliant team and can't wait to get stuck in!

‪This week’s @tag meeting included:‬

‪• Badging API, for those little numbers on an icon telling how many chat messages are waiting for you‬
‪• WebTransport, for games & live streaming‬
‪• Preparing to publish finding on Private Browsing modes‬


Next Thursday 4th July is International Women in Engineering Day

Join as they host @hadleybeeman & STEM Lightning Pitches at their Oxford Rd Tech Incubator

‪And while I’m going through women in STEM stuff (building up to my talk‬ for International Women in Engineering Day in Manchester) —

This is my all-time favourite.

How does biology explain the low numbers of women in computer science?
(Hint: it doesn't)

This study controlled for grades — men with the same level of academic accomplishment considered themselves smarter than women. And women agreed. Heartbreaking.

(Same results for native English speakers vs non-native English speakers, by the way.)


The paper:

Who perceives they are smarter? Exploring the influence of student characteristics on student academic self-concept in physiology.
Cooper, Krieg & Brownell. Advances in Physiology Education, vol 42 no 2. Apr 2018.

Cited in:


If 20% of a group are harassers (evenly across genders), & the group has more men than women… then each woman gets 16x more bad experiences than each man.

The Petrie Multiplier: in a group where x% are bullies/harassers, the minority will feel it (x/100)^2 more.

This blog post has stuck with me through the years. I like the maths in it, & I like the conclusion that attacking sexism/racism etc doesn't have to be an attack on the majority.


We have lots left to do, so can play the role we know it needs to play.

But we took a big step today, launching the centre’s coordinated team to drive transformation.

Looking fwd to working with many of you in local health & care, to help maximise your impact too.


Speaking as patients, clinicians, digital transformers of social care, and health tech innovators — they helped us focus our thoughts on why we’re here: to make sure patients and staff have the tech they need.


We heard in London from, Dr Rupert Page, and, and in Leeds from Julie Lindley,, and

Our panelists talked about their experiences and user needs that we can help with, as the system.


(’s missions, cont)

4. Aiding the improvement of patient safety across the NHS
5. Improving NHS productivity with digital technology

You’ll be hearing about those a lot. They’re focusing much of our work.


We talked today about our missions:

1. Reducing the burden on clinicians and staff, so they can focus on patients
2. Giving people the tools to access information and services directly
3. Ensuring clinical information can be safely accessed, wherever it is needed


Today we launched . After lots of planning and staffing and talking with many of you about what’s needed — it’s finally a thing.


‪From today’s @tag mtg:‬

‪• Whether the Web of Things should glue together existing proprietary protocols, or be a REST/web-sockets protocol through which you’d run other stuff. ‬
‪•PointerEvent extension & understandable names for non-native English speakers‬


The @tag's Ethical Web Principles will have to continue to evolve and adapt... Grateful for any thoughts!


‪Today’s @tag meeting included:‬

‪• Proposed UI element for “toast”‬
‪• Badging API to show unread notifications ‬


‪There were loads of other amazing innovations — see @amCunningham’s thread for more — and it was challenging indeed to pick winners.‬

Thanks to the organisers and volunteers, and to all those who hacked. Your creativity & skills are inspiring!


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