This is what the W3C Web Payments Working Group are up to:

• Payment Request API
• Payment Method IDs
• Basic Card Payment
• Payment Handler API
• Payment Method Manifest
• Web Payments Overview

Well into day 1 of
Technical Plenary and Advisory Group meeting in Fukuoka, Japan.

This AM, we
members divided up the agenda, to see where we can help/learn most.

I'm now dropping into Web Payments Working Group:

We're into the afternoon now of day 3 of @tag's face-to-face in Tokyo.

We've changed our work mode to have more breakouts, which means more intense conversations, which means less tweeting. Sorry about that!


With extra applause to and, who did all the heavy lifting for this new version!


When you're designing a new feature for the web, the stakes are high. You could be changing where a user's location goes, or letting sites fingerprint & recognise users…

To help: updated Security & Privacy Questionnaire
@tag/W3C PING

Today's @w3ctag meeting included:

• the latest DOM review draft
• Chromium's proposal for an API for things like web apps to access files in the operating system

‪‘One sensible question to ask about an idea is “does it actually solve a problem?”. If it doesn’t, why are you doing it? Valid reasons include “to have fun”…but… Like wigs for cats, many ideas do not solve a problem. Cats don’t need wigs.’‬


‪Calculus on Computational Graphs: Backpropagation ‬
‪By @ch402‬


A Neural Network in 11 lines of Python (Part 1)
A bare bones neural network implementation to describe the inner workings of backpropagation, by

‪Part of today’s tasks included renewing a Prescription Pre-Payment Certificate with a family member.‬

‪We found it a great (newly rebuilt) digital service to prepay for the year’s prescriptions — smooth, clear and understandable. Well done and thanks, & team!‬

We know our approach to AI needs to be as fair as possible, minimising bias and respecting people’s confidentiality. Building in ethics, privacy and respect for people’s rights and interests will be critical to building the most advanced health and care system in the world.


It’s early days, but we hope to bring together clinicians, academics and AI researchers, combined with our users — patients and staff alike — to work on problems we face:


Cancer screening and detecting results on scans, predicting load on beds or medicines, detecting patients at risk of post-op complications… The AI lab could do a lot to improve the data-driven NHS and care system we know we need.


Thrilled we can announce a new £250m AI Lab in !

We will be transforming some of our community’s best efforts to improve health and care, using applied AI.


Day 2 into holiday and we’ve already seen the Lion King and dug into its VR origins (they wanted real cinematographers, so they designed a VR world for them to “film” in with VR head sets, so the GCI folks would know what to build).

It’s a good break thus far :)

Today's @tag meeting included:

• Proposal for ScrollToTextFragment, so you can create a URL to any specific text in the page
• Proposal for Native File System API, so you can work with multiple files together, eg in a CAD application on the web

Today's @tag meeting included:

• Layout Instability Metric (measuring jank, when things in the page load asynchronously)
• Web Authentication Feature Detection, to determine what features the user's browser has to help with web authn.

Today's @tag meeting included:

• Privacy implications for the Layout Instability Metric (measuring jank, when things in the page load asynchronously)
• The Web of Things architecture
• Started to review a proposal for WebSocketStream

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