Today's @tag mtg:

•User query activation API. How should the page know when an iframe (eg an ad) can do something (like becoming big)?
•hrefTranslate attrbte, for server to tell next page the user will want the page translated


DigitalHealth London’s Accelerator aims to speed up development and scaling of digital innovations across the NHS and care. ‬

‪Applications open:

‪An important initiative... It was an honour to help with this video!‬

NHSX can
• Engage the community to collaboratively develop standards
• Help improve clinical care with agile, user-focused projects
• Foster radical innovation across the NHS
• Improve our common tech
• Set cybersecurity & info governance to build trust and empower our users

So we are creating NHSX, a joint unit with powers and leadership from the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England, and NHS Improvement, overseeing NHS Digital.

It will hold all the levers of technological policy, implementation and change.

To do this we need a transformation on how tech is led in the NHS. The responsibility for tech, digital and data policy was split between numerous orgs and teams. We’ve all spent too much energy managing this complexity.

The digital transformation of the NHS is the most important change we can make to the system. It will give us data to boost cancer survival rates; join up a patient’s journey across health and social care; give clinicians the tools they need so they can focus on the patient.

Bringing the culture, productivity, openness and constant iteration of the internet to the way we approach NHS technology...



And that's the end of this @tag face-to-face from Tokyo. (And remotely, from London and California and Geneva.)

Day 3 minutes:

Kicking off day 1 of our @tag face-to-face in Tokyo, Japan (mostly. With remote participation. What is WebRTC for, if not video-ing in to meetings on the other side of the planet?)

Agenda/minutes will be here, when we build them:

I also had a quiet moment remembering

I miss our chats on transforming gov from Defra’s web team.

I find myself wanting to relive the day through his photos. He did so much to document UKGovCamp.

A loss. Reminds me to treasure every member of our community.

‪A wonderful day at‬

‪Inspiring to see old friends, to meet new people and learn from their perspectives, and to hear what some of the most creative and determined parts of our public sector are accomplishing. ‬

‪One of the best days of the year. ‬

‪Today’s @tag meeting:‬

‪* Intersection observer v2 and clickjacking‬
‪* MathML — how can we help it grow?‬
‪* Vehicle information service specification — how cars use web technologies for diagnostics and infotainment ‬


Today's @tag mtg included:

• Background fetch — the data you send, and how it could be used to get info on you
• Media capabilities API, so the website knows what kind of video etc to send you
• MathML and math on the web

I’m thrilled to welcome @Edent to our efforts to create the most advanced health and care system in the world!

As editor of the W3C HTML spec and open standards lead at, he brings loads of expertise to progress the interoperability thread through the .

‪Great to welcome and to the @tag! And a re-welcome to, elected for another term.‬

Been an honour working with &, finishing their terms with us. They’ve done massive amounts to progress the web

Any system that does not meet these standards will not be used by the NHS, and the government will look to end contracts with providers that do not understand these principles for the health and care sector.

The new standards, developed by NHS Digital, will introduce minimum technical requirements so systems can talk to each other securely and are continuously upgradable.

‪We all have email/web services that are constantly improving for us. We can see our bank accounts on our phones. We have continually updating apps helping us get to work & keep in touch with our families.‬

Shouldn’t our GPs have digital services that fit them that well too?


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