Today’s @tag meeting:

An in-depth discussion of proposed hrefTranslate, for a referring page to hint to the browser/UA that the user is likely to want it to translate the next page into a particular language.

Use cases include: Google Translate, which will assume you want the site you’re clicking on to be translated.

Thanks to & for joining us!


Today's @tag meeting included:

Triaging a load of new reviews:
• MathML Core
• Get Installed Related Apps
• WebCodecs
• Serial API*

*sadly, not cereal API. We got excited about breakfast delivery... ah well.

‪Today’s @w3ctag meeting included:‬

‪• Modal window, for short-lived third party interfaces (for example, for payment or authentication)‬
‪• Proposed hrefTranslate attribute‬


‪I like the parallels for us in health transformation here. Data for its own sake is useless.‬

‪Alice Hamilton’s work identifying the dangers of lead and toxins is a nice reminder that real value is in new ways of doing things. The evidence base that keeps us learning and evolving.‬

‪On pathologist Alice Hamilton (1869–1970)‬

‪“She felt it was one thing to get data & do good science but then you weren’t really finished unless something happened…unless you could use that knowledge to improve labor standards & other [necessary] things.”‬


‪Today’s @tag meeting included:‬

‪• Should a site have access to your copy/paste clipboard? What action should you take before it can read whatever you last copied?‬
‪• Proposed updates to the TAG’s Ethical Web Principles‬


‪Thanks for having me, ! Such an innovative and productive community of greats — it was a fun afternoon. ‬

RT Thanks to for inviting @hadleybeeman to share thoughts on the first 100 days and where next for NHSX.

Scale, standards, staff up

‪Today’s @tag meeting included:‬

‪• enterKeyHint, so sites can customise a virtual keyboard’s Enter key to do what a user expects… like send content, search, insert a new line (like android/iOS apps do)‬
‪• Many different types of manifests — too many?‬


‪Citation: Data Sharing and Management Snafu in 3 Short Acts‬

‪By ‬Karen Hanson, Alisa Surkis and Karen Yacobucci. This is what shouldn't happen when a researcher makes a data sharing request! Topics include storage, documentation, and file formats.

(h/t @danbri)

‪This is hilariously bad. And plausible.‬

‪“I read your article on B-cell function. I think I could use the data for my work on pancreatic cancer.”‬
‪“Everything you need is in the article.”‬
‪“No, what I need is the data.”‬
‪“I’m not sure that is possible…”‬


‪It’s Ada Lovelace Day! Here’s to computing being driven by the clever, the creative and the persistent — regardless of their gender. ‬

‪And we’re back with our weekly @w3ctag meetings, after TPAC & our face-to-face meeting in Tokyo.‬

‪Today’s included discussions on:‬

‪• Raw Clipboard Access API‬
‪• CSS Modules‬
‪• File Handling‬
‪• JS Self-Profiling API‬
‪• Reviving the HTML Design Principles‬


needs a Deputy Director for ‬!

• driving forward NHSX’s £400m cyber security transformation programme
• long-term planning for emerging threats
• developing NHSX’s strategy for developing capability and expertise in the NHS
• resilience & incident response for NHS/social care

Closes 14Oct

I'm starting day 5 (final day! Always a sad moment) of with a joint @wicg_ / @w3ctag meeting, working out how/when we the TAG can best help with early, incubating ideas for features for the web.

I'm with the JSON-LD working group, who are looking for ways to represent text using languages that are both left-to-right (like English) and right-to-left (like Arabic).


Draft proposal:'s 2nd proposal:

PIGIN: The browser joins me as user to an "interest group" to tell advertisers what we might respond to–based on something it saw me do, like put an item into a shopping cart

More concerns on how much info on "me as user" may be detectable.

In a session exploring's proposal for grouping users by characteristics, to tell advertisers what kind of ads they might respond to.

A number of concerns in the room re the value/danger in advertisers knowing things about us.

This is what the W3C Web Payments Working Group are up to:

• Payment Request API
• Payment Method IDs
• Basic Card Payment
• Payment Handler API
• Payment Method Manifest
• Web Payments Overview

Well into day 1 of
Technical Plenary and Advisory Group meeting in Fukuoka, Japan.

This AM, we
members divided up the agenda, to see where we can help/learn most.

I'm now dropping into Web Payments Working Group:

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