Speaking as a user — THIS 500 KB site is the web I want.

Speaking as someone who worries about the architecture of the web — I keep thinking that we’ve built a platform that is serves, in this example: 9% content, 91% ads and tracking.



Yes, some of that tracking personalises the site, which you could argue is for the user — but I don’t want personal. I want to learn, which means reading viewpoints I wouldn’t have indicated a preference for.

And yes, advertising is necessary revenue to keep the site going. I’m not against that, but wow. Delivering it this way comes with a hefty cost — in bandwidth, processing power and time it takes to load. Not to mention privacy.

Page size also matters because bandwidth has a cost. We are working hard on 5G and fibre to support pages & sites that are getting bigger. How much would be necessary with a lighter-weight web? Or how much more could we use for streaming, VR or other high-bandwidth use cases?


And that’s in the developed world; we’re in danger of excluding users in developing countries from much of “our” web. We could make a huge dent in the just by building sites (or “lite” versions of sites) with less bloat.

We need to start doing better. For privacy, for bandwidth, for speed, for those of us who appreciate the value of news that isn’t personalised… We need to build a better web.

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