I got to spend today with good friends, by the fire, exploring telegraphic codes from 1901. Definitely in my happy place.

@hadleybeeman A book about telegraphic codes and Skunk Works.... are you working on some interesting projects?

@paolo Always exploring!!

(Nothing specific in mind. Just driven by curiosity and friends talking about interesting things) :)

@hadleybeeman I love that as well. Couldn't find enough fellow nerds in Brighton but now, in my new adoptive country, I can get my daily dose of nerdiness and interesting projects.
You should pop in in Luxembourg lots of interesting things happening around Open Standards and Open Source.
Together with @Edent we could create a great team with European reach :-)

@paolo @Edent That sounds like great fun. I’m glad you’ve found your own group of nerds!!

@paolo @hadleybeeman I've never been to Luxembourg! Let me know when there's a good tech conference on and I'll try to get over.

@Edent There are a lot of interesting events. Shame you missed, it's mostly about security but incredible content and people to meet. I'll keep you posted in regards to Open Standard/Data/Source events that may be of some interest to you ;-) @hadleybeeman

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