The new standards, developed by NHS Digital, will introduce minimum technical requirements so systems can talk to each other securely and are continuously upgradable.

That paper’s conclusion?

“Cognitive therapy using virtual reality could prove highly effective in treating delusions.”

Fascinating work.


I got to spend today with good friends, by the fire, exploring telegraphic codes from 1901. Definitely in my happy place.

This is rather fun: searchable clinical trials, from Wikidata and English Wikipedia

Hosted on Wikimedia Toolforge, a Wikimedia Foundation service

RT Clinical Trials are now on Scholia

‪As a patient, I interact with the NHS in a number of places. But it’s still the same “me”.‬

‪I expect my doctors feel that way too.‬

: the common rules that mean our digital services can cross primary, secondary and community care.‬

‪I blogged: ‬


Such an inspiring hack day. We definitely need to do more of them! Well done to all who were building prototypes crossing primary/secondary care boundaries. And community care too!

It’s so exciting to see the promise of interoperability brought to actual user needs.

RT Welcome to @hadleybeeman - fantastic to have you here and cheering for all the work we've been doing in the name of

It was great to talk about the with some of the best product and digital people in the NHS/DHSC family.

Thanks so much for inviting me along!

RT Another cracking line up. Thank you to @mattedgar @hadleybeeman and Kass for talking all things: tech vision, user needs, service manual and evaluating the success of a project.

Stay tuned for the write up!

We the @tag are publishing guidelines for creating web platform compatible components.

When you create custom elements, how to make them fit in well with the rest of the platform?

Editor: @kennethrohde

‪We’re well into day 1 of @tag face-to-face at @mozilla’s Paris office. ‬

‪This is something of an office...!‬


Our first tranche of prospective mandated standards are also out today, thanks to

• NHS number for patients
• dm+d
• ICD-11


‪It’s Ada Lovelace Day! Here’s to computing being driven by the clever, the creative and the persistent — regardless of gender.

This is pretty funny. An unexpected cameo, I suppose!

(Incidentally, I am all for consumers/citizens/patients controlling their own data. There is some very good stuff in and’s approach here!)

RT @kennethrohde @hadleybeeman found a nice picture of you :-) in an article about solid

It’s been this kind of day. (Not pictured: thick socks and fuzzy slippers.)

In this particular part of London... even the bins are a little bit hipster.

Thanks for a great day,! I loved brainstorming with all of you. My head is buzzing with all your of ideas and projects and the potential for improving our services… I only wish we did these more often.

Hats off to the organisers; a terrific event!


‪Oh, and making decisions based on user needs. This is critical to breaking the lock-in to specific vendors and letting us continually choose better and better tools.

‪Everything should come from the user need‬.

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