I also had a quiet moment remembering @davidthep@twitter.com.

I miss our chats on transforming gov from Defra’s web team.

I find myself wanting to relive the day through his photos. He did so much to document UKGovCamp.

A loss. Reminds me to treasure every member of our community.

‪A wonderful day at @UKGovCamp@twitter.com.‬

‪Inspiring to see old friends, to meet new people and learn from their perspectives, and to hear what some of the most creative and determined parts of our public sector are accomplishing. ‬

‪One of the best days of the year. ‬

‪Today’s @tag meeting:‬

‪* Intersection observer v2 and clickjacking‬
‪* MathML — how can we help it grow?‬
‪* Vehicle information service specification — how cars use web technologies for diagnostics and infotainment ‬


Today's @tag mtg included:

• Background fetch — the data you send, and how it could be used to get info on you
• Media capabilities API, so the website knows what kind of video etc to send you
• MathML and math on the web


I’m thrilled to welcome @Edent to our efforts to create the most advanced health and care system in the world!

As editor of the W3C HTML spec and open standards lead at @GDSteam@twitter.com, he brings loads of expertise to progress the interoperability thread through the .


‪Great to welcome @hober@twitter.com and @sundress@twitter.com to the @tag! And a re-welcome to @sangwhanmoon@twitter.com, elected for another term.‬

Been an honour working with @alexrussell@twitter.com & @travisleithead@twitter.com, finishing their terms with us. They’ve done massive amounts to progress the web


Any system that does not meet these standards will not be used by the NHS, and the government will look to end contracts with providers that do not understand these principles for the health and care sector.

The new standards, developed by NHS Digital, will introduce minimum technical requirements so systems can talk to each other securely and are continuously upgradable.

‪We all have email/web services that are constantly improving for us. We can see our bank accounts on our phones. We have continually updating apps helping us get to work & keep in touch with our families.‬

Shouldn’t our GPs have digital services that fit them that well too?


That paper’s conclusion?

“Cognitive therapy using virtual reality could prove highly effective in treating delusions.”

Fascinating work.


And for those of you who prefer podcasts...

I got this from BBC Radio4’s The History of Delusions. This is the episode on the Future:



Prof Daniel Freeman at Oxford and OxfordVR is using an lNIHR grant to see if virtual reality could help to break that cycle.

He wanted to give those people a safe way to explore the scene of the delusion (like going outside). And learn/test what’s safe.


One for both the webVR/#webXR and the communities...

People suffering from delusions try to keep themselves safe from what they fear may hurt them — for example by not going outside.

They do stay safe, which reinforces this decision.


‪Today’s @w3ctag mtg included:‬

‪• A brief investigation into delivering WebRTC not by browser APIs but by webassembly code... which takes away the “user agent” part of the web.‬
‪• Constructible CSS Style Sheets (bonus points for acronym: CCSSSS)‬


@paolo @Edent That sounds like great fun. I’m glad you’ve found your own group of nerds!!

@paolo Always exploring!!

(Nothing specific in mind. Just driven by curiosity and friends talking about interesting things) :)

I got to spend today with good friends, by the fire, exploring telegraphic codes from 1901. Definitely in my happy place.

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