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I got to spend today with good friends, by the fire, exploring telegraphic codes from 1901. Definitely in my happy place.

‪“We need to move from the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach we’ve had to healthcare, towards more personalised and targeted interventions that meet the needs of individuals in a way that is right for them”‬, ahead of NHS Long Term Plan

Brilliant to see this —’s APIs are now powering digital services for 1,000 organisations! Well done team! So much fun to see the ecosystem growing.

RT We have now reached over 1000 organisations using NHS.UK’s developer portal to access content to power their digital products! Find out more about available products for all levels of technical ability at

Obviously, Scholia is a @wikipedia / WikiData / WikiCite project, so it needs contributions.

This is how to add your clinical trial (or scholarly paper, etc):

This is rather fun: searchable clinical trials, from Wikidata and English Wikipedia

Hosted on Wikimedia Toolforge, a Wikimedia Foundation service

RT Clinical Trials are now on Scholia

Finishing another (early!) @tag mtg. Today:

• <link> rel="modulepreload". Preload of subresources for module scripts
• intersection observer v1 & v2
• sec-metadata… and how big is too big for an HTTP header?
• HTTP state tokens and alternatives to cookies

‪As a patient, I interact with the NHS in a number of places. But it’s still the same “me”.‬

‪I expect my doctors feel that way too.‬

: the common rules that mean our digital services can cross primary, secondary and community care.‬

‪I blogged: ‬


When you follow standards, you increase the size of your team.


I keep coming back to this.
It’s insightful and true.

And if they’re mature, open standards with wide adoption— you have a pre-trained workforce to help you solve your problem, too.

Such an inspiring hack day. We definitely need to do more of them! Well done to all who were building prototypes crossing primary/secondary care boundaries. And community care too!

It’s so exciting to see the promise of interoperability brought to actual user needs.

RT Welcome to @hadleybeeman - fantastic to have you here and cheering for all the work we've been doing in the name of

It was great to talk about the with some of the best product and digital people in the NHS/DHSC family.

Thanks so much for inviting me along!

RT Another cracking line up. Thank you to @mattedgar @hadleybeeman and Kass for talking all things: tech vision, user needs, service manual and evaluating the success of a project.

Stay tuned for the write up!

Sending good wishes for clean data, RESTful APIs and use cases that make life better for users and citizens — to all at . Hope it’s a great day!

*(Except for the ridiculous tweets. Those continue regardless. You knew what you were getting into when you followed any one of us...!)


‪And so, this quarter’s @tag face-to-face draws to a close. Thanks to all who put up with our WebRTC video calls (inevitably at an odd hour for your time zone!), our unnecessarily wordy questions on GitHub, & our endless ridiculous tweets.‬

‪Normal service resumes now.*‬

In our issues review, we looked in depth at the proposal for Decentralized Identifiers.

Our interim comments:


And now we're reviewing the open issues on our design reviews of new specs and web features.


We're now reviewing WebRTC transport (ICE - Interactive Connectivity Establishment) and QUIC
with Martin Thomson, who is kind enough to join us from Australia @tag

This is the current draft of the Security and Privacy Questionnaire for spec authors:

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