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Let's just say that I had no clue some of you had responded to my Intro to welcome me. Thanks! So, I guess I have a long way to go. It's quite different from twitter that I'm really used to. Also, you know it's for geeks when the filter says to enter a regex :-) @sandro

I just enrolled in this course: vogin.nl/workshop-digital-fore I saw Christiaan from Bellingcat do a keynote a few months ago and it was amazing. @rhiaro

I'm new and I joined because I'm intrigued about the W3C Social Web standards (and related tools) and their possible application to scholarly communication. Info about me is at public.lanl.gov/herbertv/ , slideshare.net/mobile/hvdsomp , twitter.com/hvdsomp/

Thanks for setting this up. It will d finitely help me to better understand the power of a distributed social web approach @sandro