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What's the one thing every web user can do to fight ?

Replace the Google Chrome browser

I've started a new website to send a message to Google that we prefer the internet without them

>be the government
>can steal public money to build massive spyware datacenters and record every phonecall of every citizen and archive them forever
>can't figure out how to computer to distribute resources to the public

my relationship with patriotism is a complicated one :blobcathyper:

I was on Al Jazeera Live today and spoke about how we must remain vigilant in the face of surveillance capitalists and governments that want to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to widen their dragnets.

You can watch the recording on my blog:

#surveillance #COVID19

Measures to fight the #COVID19Pandemic could open the door for more #surveillance, strengthen authoritarians and endanger democracies. History teaches us that we must take this threat very seriously: #CoronavirusOutbreak

We demand that the use of tracking technologies that aim at breaking the chains of disease infection may only be promoted on a voluntary basis, fundamental rights must be respected and the software must be published under a #FreeSoftware licence.

#corona #dataprotecion #publiccode

"#SurveillanceGiants lays out how the surveillance-based business model of #Facebook and #Google is inherently incompatible with the right to #privacy and poses a systemic threat to a range of other rights including #freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of thought, and the right to #equality and non-discrimination."

Looking for recommendations on good #opensource video editing tools for cutting short films.

Currently using iMovie, have tried OpenShot but find it a little limited. Any others?

Before I'm misunderstood- I'm *not* suggesting that we throw up our hands and use Zoom.

Instead, I'm suggesting that we need to start realizing that simply building software isn't enough. Projects like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and Signal work because they're backed with hardware and bandwidth.

If we want a Zoom replacement, we'll need to ensure there is money to pay for the necessary components to pay for its infrasturcture and ongoing maintence.

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👎@Yahoo has failed to respond to our letter (7 Jan) on #CloudExtraction - which allows warrantless, broad access to cloud stored data. This is a vital issue for security of Yahoo's customer data. Help us demand they respond now and retweet. 🔁

Read more:

It's time to read This Week in Matrix! Find out how you can try out P2P Matrix, and also (most important!) which client got improved rainbow message handling this week? Get all the latest news here... #twim #matrix #decentralization

Basecamp is pretty much the only indie company that has my trust in terms of working remotely and doing so productively (throughout the company). They talk about it, live it, and work it.

They’ve been doing that for almost 20 years, and I started #WFH more than 12 years ago.

If you’re new to working-from-home, check out the photos that some Basecamp employees shared out of their home office


Could I ask you please about Wickr?

People were bigging it up a couple of months ago after Wire sell off but now not so much. I guess it isn't open source?

I probably should be keeping a diary / journal at a time like this.

But then I wouldn't be able to grossly exaggerate this lock down situation when my gran kids ask about it in a couple of decades.

hold the fuck on. you're saying that google, the advertising company that pioneered the current wave of extracting as much "harmless" data from everyone as possible in order to more effectively market toothpaste to people based on racial profiling, and exists solely due to profits from said advertising... doesn't value my privacy

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