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Hi . If you embed a video in your website what does the tracking from the embed do for Google? Is it harmful to users? Is it better to avoid embeds for that reason? Thanks 👍

@peter How many people do we need to donate in order to make Mozilla independent from donations of search engines? I don't even think, if the number of donors match the money of them, that something would change.

My favourite thing about Mastadon so far is nobody is talking about

“Online shopping is a world where our data, our money and our personal choices are all bound together.”
— @manoushz

The season premiere of IRL is here. Listen wherever you get your podcasts: tweeted by @mozilla

Facebook lured charities to its platform, then abandoned them once they got hacked #ican'thearyouI'vegotabusiness-modelinmyear ##deletefacebook #platformwars #infosec #opsec #Post

Technology innovations provide an essential opportunity to make information and learning more personalized and accessible. However, many also present new risks of personal data collection from young people with little ability to make informed choices.

Teddy bears that connect to the internet. Smart speakers that listen to commands.

Great gifts! 🎁

... unless they spy on you 👀

Mozilla created a guide to help you buy safe, secure products this holiday season: tweeted by @mozilla

I just don't get why anyone would want to build an skill? If it's successful Amazon will bootleg it and bin you off. Plus they are not the good guys

it’s always better for screen readers and just people who may have issues focusing on text to capitalize the first letter in words in hashtags

#likeThis or #LikeThis

rather than


keep making the fediverse more accessible.

Ironic how many of these are something to do with surveillance or data theft or something ropey...😫👺

So many links which could be to interesting stuff but inevitably takes you to take it or leave it website page -no option to say no to dodgy tracking or ad tech guff - what's that?

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