What's the one thing every web user can do to fight ?

Replace the Google Chrome browser

I've started a new website to send a message to Google that we prefer the internet without them

@jamesmullarkey Another non-Chrome/Blink browser: I've been creating "Odysseus" to explore decentralized means of discovering web pages. It's coming together very nicely!

Or what about GNOME Web?


@alcinnz Nice one I'll have a look at Odysseus possibly GNOME web is a shout too.

I'm made this for civilian non-tech types like my mum primarily. Maybe if they used Firefox for a couple of days they might think "this is fine" and then move on to use DuckDuckGo and so on.

I'm trying to keep it relatively simple at this point to see if I can get any traction.

@jamesmullarkey Far enough.

If you had a "Linux" section, these browsers would fit nicely there. But I can understand if you don't feel that's appropriate.

Packaging for Mac/Windows is a significant step up for us in terms of effort and responsibility because then we do have to bundle the engine rather than just depend on it.


Tricky some people not bothered about privacy I guess.

What about anti-trust / competition Chrome is bad for that. Have a look at all the reasons to switch I could come up specifically on Chrome.

@jamesmullarkey Yeah, I've talked about must points. That don't care at all.


Sorry :( Google is bad stuff -Sidewalk labs, project mavern, adding to the climate crisis?

You can't win em all

@jamesmullarkey Your website uses the Roboto font, commissioned by Google and central to their brand. I happen to have it installed on my system so the site looks pretty googly 😉

@despens it's a good point - i knew it was similar but didn't know they developed it. I'd used it to mock them more than anything and I downloaded a local version and blocked Google fonts. I may have to bin it off moving forward.

@jamesmullarkey @despens on that note, notochrome also parses as Noto Chrome, Noto being another Google font. I was confused since I originally read it as notchrome, then got stuck on Noto Chrome.

@jamesmullarkey Except for the literally millions of people using Chrome OS devices that aren't compatible with the version that allows sandboxed Linux apps.

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