I've been using invidio.us for a few days to keep up my YouTube addiction without having to interact directly with the site as much. Ninety (Nine. Zero.)!!! requests blocked by uBlock on Youtube, Zero on invidio.us.

3x requests at 6x bloat.


@david I can't always get it to work unfortunately :(

@jamesmullarkey So far I haven't had issues, but I understand that sometimes it takes a while to update feeds and some don't update. Plus, it assumes that you don't want to interact

@david come to think of it usually chromium browsers seem to 'struggle' to let me see it. Firefox OK. I shouldn't be suprised.

@jamesmullarkey Not even sure if I tried it on Chrome. I'm trying to shift away from all of that and it's been hard doing so with others and workflows that I like already

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