If your New Year's Resolution is to de-Google-ify your life a bit, here are some alternatives I use:

Browser: Firefox
Search engine: DuckDuckGo
Email: ProtonMail
Maps: OpenStreetMap
Chat: Telegram
News: Feedly


@markosaric What do you use for discovering places when travelling? It seems whenever I'm abroad I have to reinstall google maps to find anything I might want to visit

@chris tripadvisor is not bad for places/restaurants. it is almost as good as google maps. foursquare is good for north america and some big cities mostly. i don't think a non-surveillance capitalism alternative exists yet but do hope that openstreetmap could become it in the future


@markosaric @chris

Wikitravel was biggish in early 2000s but I guess it didn't properly break through.

@jamesmullarkey @chris true, i liked reading their city guides but in most cases they are now outdated

@jamesmullarkey @chris @markosaric didn't most of the wikitravel community move over to wikivoyage when they weren't happy with the wikitravel host / owner?

For many places I've found the latter to be quite useful.
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