Confidence about what ?

People have to understand that it is more of a concept phone built from ground, which main purpose is to bring an unwrapped Linux on a phone.

It is unfair to compare it to iPhone or Samsung, and tech articles has not the honnesty of showing the way it should be

It is not meant for everybody, and people should be fully aware of what they are buying, as, on the other side, the company is cristal clear about what they are selling.

#librem5 #linuxphone


I understand all of that.

I'm not confident I will ever receive this phone and it's current performance is nowhere near what I was told it would be capable of when I should have received it in April 2019.

I've made no comparisons to other makes and models.

A working camera and volume controls, and a battery life longer than an hour isn't a lot to ask for.

@jamesmullarkey @nautilus

But, iirc, is more than was promised in April 2019. I seem to recall it was was promised to run linux, make calls, and send/receive texts.

There are two reasons I bought my place in line, and both have already been fulfilled:

1) Upstreaming software for screen and phone modem management.
2) Create a market for linux phones. There are multiple vendors now,a couple with decent pedigree producing multi-generation hardware.

Phone/handwarmer is a #feature in #Canada.

@Amgine @nautilus

True, I hadn't thought about what I could do the excess heat. I could use it as a heater in my shed during winter for 20 minutes until the battery runs out. :)

@Amgine @nautilus

Unlike what many people say, I think their communications with customers are terrible. When they delay, they never actually let me know I'm expected to just 'find out' on their blog. But they've got plenty of time to market other products. It doesn't help me trust you @purism

@jamesmullarkey @nautilus @purism

Ah, that is something entirely else.

What someone *says* tells you something about what they think about you.

What they *do* tells you about them.

You will have to draw your own conclusions.

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