Google to auto-delete users' records by default

But is this data wiped from Google servers permanently or does it just make it invisible?

@jamesmullarkey I can't imagine they would delete it. It may have access restricted and/or may be moved to another server (even technically a different company or shell corp.) but why on earth would they actually delete it? Storage is so cheap, data (even old data) is valuable and any punishment they may receive for keeping it will be weak. So, even if they don't have a reason to keep it now, the "just in case" reason still exists.

@jamesmullarkey Alternatively, the data may already be duplicated somewhere else (e.g. Google Cache) so they may be "deleting" one copy of it, while retaining another.


Yes I think they separate what you can see from what they delete currently.

Seems like another 'we care about your privacy' load of bs.

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