Here's a new I've started which interviews maverick renegades who are pushing back against monopolies, and and more

@jamesmullarkey @dredmorbius More info: the episodes show up, but are not downloadable. There is a link to download but that opens my browser.

@adz @dredmorbius

Thanks that happens for me but then downloads back to antennapod to listen to. Not ideal but works. That link to download isn't stripped out like it is in podcast republic. Some ios ones don't recognise the feed at all.

@jamesmullarkey @dredmorbius That doesn't happen for me. Link downloads (and plays) in my browser.

@adz @dredmorbius

Hmm I guess you have it that mp3 files play in the browser then? When I did it the first time it asked if I want to open in Firefox or antenna pod and I picked the latter.

@adz @dredmorbius

It's clear I have some work to do here to get this working better. It seems trying to have a podcast outside the big platforms is a lot trickier than I thought. I thought it was going to be a lot easier.

@adz @dredmorbius

I have worked out how to publish the pages and feed with the relevant markup that it will work with podcatchers. That's simple enough. The problem is that the feed wants the direct url to the .mp3 file so it can be streamed in the catcher. I don't want to stream the episodes just allow downloads. This seems impossible to do on the catcher side from what I can see. I'm looking to see if I can block the streaming some how on my hosting but allow the download.

@adz @dredmorbius

Some of the markup is from Apple - many catchers especially on the iOs side won't recognise your podcast unless you are on apple podcasts.

The model I've gone for with downloads from an ordinary website could be replicated by almost anyone with semi decent hosting.

@adz @dredmorbius

Instead, podcasting is built around a stream first approach. This is hugely wasteful and means you nearly always need a third party to host your cast.

@adz @dredmorbius

It's called 'We don't stream' because I'm trying to get people to think about the environmental cost - downloading often uses less energy. So I really don't want to allow streaming. Also I've no idea how my hosting will hold up with even a few people streaming at the same time.

@adz @dredmorbius

So there you go - will keep looking at this to try and find a way round this problem. :)

@jamesmullarkey If the audio is in the RSS links, D/L should work?

My podcast app does have a D/L capability. Though I'm not sure I follow how that's less efficient than streaming.


@dredmorbius @adz

It's complex and not a perfect example but downloading and listening locally on your device generally requires less energy than streaming directly from a server somewhere.

@dredmorbius @adz

Your app will have download but it will not allow me to stop streaming and only allow downloading which is what I'm trying to do. On the website I've managed to do this.

@jamesmullarkey @dredmorbius @adz The podcatcher I use *tries* to download episodes in advance, which fits how I use it, and delete old ones.

But for We Don't Stream I'm using Liferea, and place the downloads amongst other audio and video files I want to enjoy again later.

I'm not sure if We Don't Stream can work in normal podcatchers whilst encouraging people to consider the cost of downloading...

@alcinnz @dredmorbius @adz

I recognise some people like podcatchers. One idea I had was to add the standard markup so it will work in podcatchers but ask people not to stream because it doesn't look like I can stop that if I add the markup. The website is easy enough to keep download only.

@alcinnz @dredmorbius @adz

The feed is now

It works with Antenna pod and podcast republic. Happy to check other ones if anyone wants?

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NB for others: James and I have been discussing this offline and can confirm feed issues.

@jamesmullarkey I'm intrigued! I'll give it a listen on my run tomorrow :).

@jamesmullarkey Really enjoyed the content!

My one (OK, two) criticisms is don't over edit.

The start of episode two felt incredibly choppy - it felt like you were trying to be too perfect and cut some "urms" or something and was a bit jarring, killing the flow.
The very start of the interview was a little bit of the same but you sounded like you eased in to it.

The second... please don't sing again, it was almost as bad as my attempts 😆.

@jamesmullarkey Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who consumes a crap load of content during long rides and runs - I'm too scared to create anything myself!

Seriously, awesome work. I'm really looking forward to more.


Thanks so much. Yes you're right I chopped some of the audio too close together. Bit of a learning curve. I think it will get better on that front. Talking to a mic in an empty room is super hard but I hoping that will get easier too.

I make no promises on the singing. :)

I recorded an interview for episode 3 yesterday so more coming.

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