Got this in the post today

The work @markhurst does on Techtonic is definitely educational.

Have a listen

Episode 4 of my talks to Sarah Kiden who is studying the impact of the on local communities.

She has also researched internet speeds and connectivity across Africa.

has funded deniers, is contributing hugely to the needless pollution of the internet through its and tracking and builds tech to help drill for fossil fuels

Left a job last week and was touched by the gift of bag and t-shirt which claim to confuse automated licence plate readers.

The London surveillance network now thinks I'm half a dozen cars

the last thing you should do is buy something from Amazon.

*Tax avoiders
*Treat staff appallingly
*Destroying retail through unfair policies
*Enabling the
*Normalising surveillance

Google say they will use tech to fight the but they have founded their own company.

Send them a message and stop using their products starting with the Chrome browser

What's the one thing every web user can do to fight ?

Replace the Google Chrome browser

I've started a new website to send a message to Google that we prefer the internet without them

Response from UK Home Office to my letter about Police testing of in public

I asked how they could justify the tests given little public knowledge or support and no public scrutiny of either testing or how the technology actually works.

I also asked the legal basis for this test especially around GDPR which needs active consent to be given.

They seem to think this is popular, scrutinised and perfectly legal although no mention of GDPR. Human rights act though?!

Is this ‘smart’ device safe in my home? Three simple checks used to assess several popular devices - have a guess how they do...

Robots can’t make a decent coffee let alone take my job...

Wasn't sure how well this had aged but realised I still have my job and the coffee machine is still rubbish so maybe OK?

I’m 60 years old and want to be a web developer

Would a soon to be pensioner be able to start a career as a web developer so late in life and would they be taken seriously by their peers and clients?

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