ICYMI Have a listen to my new which interviews maverick renegades who are pushing back against monopolies, and and more jamesmullarkey.com/we-dont-str

Episode 2 of my new talks to Finn Brownbill,
Head of Marketing at @Mojeek is a with a fully independent search index (No Google or Bing here) and is privacy by design. jamesmullarkey.com/2020/06/bui

The first guest on my new is @sam formerly the Tech Lead at

Sam is an anti-tracking pioneer who worked on the privacy focused Cliqz browser (a fork of ) and Cliqz search engine.



Here's a new I've started which interviews maverick renegades who are pushing back against monopolies, and and more wedont.stream

OK Beeb: BBC voice assistant will learn regional accents - The BBC, an organisation I fund through a mandatory licence fee, further develops their offering.


is a Google project to demonstrate large scale puppet on a string manipulation for profit.

This article is so one sided it reads as propaganda



If I want to block several from my website is it excessive/pointless to use:

2. .txt and
3. <meta name> in the header?

Need to send a clear message to their bots that they ain't welcome.

Belt / braces / another belt approach seems like it's making things crystal.

Thanks :)

Google say they will use tech to fight the but they have founded their own company.

Send them a message and stop using their products starting with the Chrome browser notochrome.org/

What's the one thing every web user can do to fight ?

Replace the Google Chrome browser

I've started a new website to send a message to Google that we prefer the internet without them


Been reading about the but I think something important is being missed.

haven't as yet taken any action which would prevent this from happening again tomorrow. The 'one strike' is pointless if the atrocity has already taken place.

Live streaming itself isn't justified in 99.9% of cases. We don't need to stream things live so why are we?

Why isn't anyone saying to stop live streaming? Who would even complain?


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