Lucky to talk to Ania Piotrowska from Nym as part of my

Nym promises to be the 'better than ' anonymous network - a bold claim but one she says they don't make lightly.

Ep 8 of I talk to
Safa Ghnaim
from @info_activism
about the Detox toolkit which has clear suggestions and concrete steps to help people harness all aspects of their online lives.

While organisations like Panoptykon Foundation exist there is hope of pushing back the likes of Google and Facebook from their relentless attacks on democracies and our communities.

They have an English website worth checking out

Panoptykon Foundation was founded by a group of lawyers in Poland to protect fundamental rights and freedoms in the context of fast-changing technologies and growing surveillance.

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Although these issues might seems quite EU focused we've already seen other parts of the world adopting aspects of GDPR locally so I think much of what is discussed is relevant to people living outside the EU. Major EU legislation could cause serious damage to firms pushing if done right

PS - I live in the UK now outside the EU :(

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New episode: Karolina Iwańska is a lawyer at Panoptykon Foundation and has been leading their investigation into the online advertising industry’s practices related to protection and .

ICYMI Have a listen to my new which interviews maverick renegades who are pushing back against monopolies, and and more

Episode 2 of my new talks to Finn Brownbill,
Head of Marketing at @Mojeek is a with a fully independent search index (No Google or Bing here) and is privacy by design.

The first guest on my new is @sam formerly the Tech Lead at

Sam is an anti-tracking pioneer who worked on the privacy focused Cliqz browser (a fork of ) and Cliqz search engine.

Here's a new I've started which interviews maverick renegades who are pushing back against monopolies, and and more

OK Beeb: BBC voice assistant will learn regional accents - The BBC, an organisation I fund through a mandatory licence fee, further develops their offering.

is a Google project to demonstrate large scale puppet on a string manipulation for profit.

This article is so one sided it reads as propaganda

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