Please don’t judge people in the UK by who runs the government. They are their worst people ever.

Hello folks dipping their toes in the fediverse :)

Please make sure you fill out your bios and make an introductory post so we know who you are and follow you.

If you’re here after following me from Twitter (sorry, Musk Social), ping me and let me know so I can follow you back.

Welcome! :)

I agree. You do.

Not manufacturing or shipping any phones to anyone is very kind to the environment.

April is Earth month🌎 . Thanks to the strength and bond of the Purism community as well as the resilience of a local economies we have been able to cross the chasm and pursue a better way of contributing to a planet built on purposeful actions. Read more about the why and how:

@herag @wattdefalk it should all work now. I think quite a few things seemed to go wrong after a wp update. Thanks for your patience.

@herag @wattdefalk actually I see the problem. It will work via rss in podcast app but something is wrong on the website. Thanks for flagging I'll let you know when fixed.

@herag @wattdefalk Sorry you had problems. It seems to be working OK from what I can see. If you try again hopefully it will be OK.

@janci protonmail is only better than gmail as long as your main goal is to not have your data sold to the advertisers.

ProtonMail logged IP address of French activist after order by Swiss authorities

#gmail #protonmail #privacy

Tedious Facebook double think. Their own research shows instagram is harmful. Their defense seems to be that it's only a teeny bit damaging.

No patients were ever asked if they minded if there medical records were passed to what became a Google company.

“In the high stakes battles between governments and tech companies, human rights are the main casualties,”

Teachers, stop showing YouTube videos and other corporate internet content on classrooms if you don't have effective adblockers in use.

Students shouldn't be force-fed ads during class.

It’s that wonderful time of year where you get free online talks about inclusive design for a whole 24 hours courtesy of Inclusive Design 24.

In two days: 23rd September, don’t miss out!

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair I grew up with the Spectrum (I betrayed it for the Commodore 64 - so sorry)
It's still my ambition to own a working C5 before I snuff it

"Back to the Future with RSS!" by Nicky Case

RSS is still the best way to consume internet media IMO. Let's hear it for RSS.

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