Episode 4 of my talks to Sarah Kiden who is studying the impact of the on local communities.

She has also researched internet speeds and connectivity across Africa.

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Mozilla is effectively owned by Google already. They like it that way as it's handy for anti trust scrutiny.

Does anyone know if Tristaaaaaaaaaaaarn has joined Mastodon yet?

Maybe someone who knows him from College might know? Hmm.

...and there is probably one thing even more evil than gluing/soldering the cells into devices: battery controllers with DRM built in. Yes, just like how printer makers were putting electronics in their ink cartridges preventing refills. Some devices and battery packs have self destructing charge controllers that stop working when the input voltage goes too low to prevent 3rd party cell replacement.

I know. Liability blah blah blah. That is the excuse. The real reason is planned obsolescence.

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Done. Can't understand how they were able to raise 35 mill for BAT. Bizarre.

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Yeah that is what they always say. In two more years we will be back here again. :)

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

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Useful thanks. I notice @privacytools only recommend it for iOs privacytools.io/browsers/

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

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I've not actually been able to find any info on what the DDG app is based on. I even contacted them about it. If you've seen some in please let me know. I hope it isn't blink.

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The commercial arm which raises unrestricted income to support the non-profit is a common model - amnesty etc will have this too. I agree completely that they do have loads of money.

It's frustrating that their commercial activity doesnt seem to be targeted at diversifying away from that Google money. Never has been from what I've seen.

Mozilla Google budget screaming 

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There aren't any perfect options for browsers unfortunately. The DuckDuckGo app for Android and iPhone can burn all the data with a single click which might be an option.

Have a look:

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Thanks I'll look at it. Also thanks for encouragement more generally.

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I put this website together a while ago. Very difficult to recommend browsers but pretty much anything seems better than chrome


@gopiandcode @icedquinn @aadil Never get why people have enthusiasm for them in the first place. Firefox seems like the least bad option so I use it. None of the browser options are great.

@aadil why are people switching? Because of the lay offs?

No matter what happens to Mozilla, please everyone, don't start using Brave.

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