@herrdoering @z428 @_microbe101 Midori uses a Google stuff? That would suprise me. Tbh the midori website is so suspect I'm thinking of removing it.

@strypey yes! I've noticed websites getting more and more bloated, which affects the world but especially affects me since I have a sometimes-slow Internet connection! I guess that's a good thing since I'm always aware of size when I design a website.

I just checked my latest one, though, and it's looking very dirty 😛 Maybe it's just #Gatsby's SPA and will be lighter on subsequent loads? Time to get back to the code 🤔 :terminal:


@z428 @_microbe101 survive I think yes but obviously at a different scale. The Google money is a crazy high % of their income though.

@z428 lndeed. There is no perfect solution to any list of browsers. This is the best I could come up with :)

@tagomago sorry yeah definitely something I want to sort out in the future :)

@jordila thanks I'll have a look but decided not to include any chromium based browsers. :)

@aran I see your point but I'm going for regular folk and trying to be a starting point. If you use Firefox and it's OK you might then use DDG and so on. A small gesture to trigger another :)

@dsfgs arr OK I'm sorry about that.

I really want it to work with @torproject and also have a dat:// version in the future.

I'm not a Dev so learning curve steep with all this

Opendemocracy: the Libdems tried to censor our article about their sale voter data, then used a forged email to intimidate us

New blog post: The Future of Internet Regulation at the European Parliament


Last week, I gave three talks in Belgium, starting with one titled “Dear regulators, please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” at an event on The Future of Internet Regulation organised by the Greens and Pirates at the European Parliament on Tuesday.

This post has a summary, embedded videos of the talk (thank you, @vincib) and a link to my slides.

Hmm, #DuckDuckGo vs #Qwant?
I'm actually starting to like Qwant more and more, I been using it now for a while. #StartPage and #Searx have their pitfalls, imo. #google is unviable, due to #privacy violations

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