In today's #BlackMirrorReality news...

"Amazon, Apple and Google all employ staff who listen to customer voice recordings...

Some of the reviewers told Bloomberg that they shared amusing voice clips with one another in an internal chat room.

They also described hearing distressing clips such as a potential [trigger warning redaction - article linked below if you'd like to read it]. However, they were told by colleagues that it was not Amazon's job to intervene."

I'm trying to reach the 99% who seem pretty unaware of any of the issues. It's a drop in the ocean but gotta try 👍

Good points.

I think both mycroft and snips open source voice assistants can be installed on raspberry pi and used without connection to the Internet at all.

It's possible to meet these simple steps.

Is this ‘smart’ device safe in my home? Three simple checks used to assess several popular devices - have a guess how they do...

This is more than a browser review. Listen to the points Chris is making about software freedom and what this browser actually represents.

A look at the Basilisk web browser - Battle of the browsers

90s microsoft: gobernment, can we pwease bundwe our bwowser software wid our opewating system

us government: no fuck you we are suing your ass into the next century

2010s google: hey so we're gonna own a phone OS, the worlds most popular web browser, the browser rendering engine that everyone else except firefox uses, the worlds most popular search engine, and the worlds most popular email service, that cool?

us government: *looks up from playing pokemon* huh? what? oh yeah whatever dont care

Small Technology

We need an antidote to surveillance capitalism that is so anathema to the interests of Big Tech that it cannot possibly be co-opted by them.



Bought it but haven't read it yet because I'm still working on that brick Shoshana Zuboff wrote. Heard good things.

If you could sell one without Android or ios would probably have bought two by now! 👌

Did you know that police forces across the UK might soon roll out #facialrecognition tech on your local High Street? Its use has already been shown to discriminate against minority communities. Read more in the short explainer we wrote with @LibertyHQ

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