@deowyth OK great the permissions policy is one I don't have in place so I'll look at it. Thanks so much for your answer.

@deowyth If you've blocked all the Google crawlers from a site is that enough or does someone need to do this too? Asking for a friend :)

@chris @kev Fingers crossed as I can't join live either. Usually there's a recording in this situation though.

My latest interview is with Dr Leonie Tanczer (UCL) the founder of the Gender and project, which looks at how IoT impacts on gender-based domestic violence and abuse. jamesmullarkey.com/2021/04/iot

In case you’re a person on here who’s still trying to get away from Twitter, I wrote a user stylesheet that might help you: laurakalbag.com/write-only-twi

So far 12 people have registered to use our BBB video meeting instance. Why not try it out? No need to feed Zoom, Google, Microsoft, etc. your money and your data (and your friends, collaborators data) and you can help build inter-cooperative infrastructure.


#MeetCoop #Cooperatives #dégooglisons

@arh @jookia

Email can be a difficult thing to change if you've had a Gmail account for 10 years plus. Changing browser or search engine might be a better starting point. Appreciate not everyone has a choice.

Testing out the BETA version of Ghostery browser - stripped down version of Firefox. Also can be used with Ghostery ad free meta search engine. wired.com/story/ghostery-brows

Model will be a $5 a month ad free version with a private ad version for free coming later.

Lucky to talk to Ania Piotrowska from Nym as part of my

Nym promises to be the 'better than ' anonymous network - a bold claim but one she says they don't make lightly.


Take a minute of your time and go read Michael E. Mann interview of the Guardian today. Well worth your time:


Money quotes: "Any time you are told a problem is your fault because you are not behaving responsibly, there is a good chance that you are being deflected from systemic solutions and policies. [...] Doom-mongering has overtaken denial as a threat and as a tactic. [...] if people believe there is nothing you can do, they are led down a path of disengagement."


YouTube at least hosts your video. Apple podcasts and Spotify are just podcast RSS databases. All your effort given away for free to make them rich. Then you have to beg listeners for five star reviews in the hope of the algo pushing you up the list.

@yarmo @jautero @halcek

More here jamesmullarkey.com/we-dont-str

A lot of feed catcher apps only accept podcasts which are hosted by Apple. Almost all only accept feeds published in the Apple rss feed format.

@halcek I agree so I host my own as download only. I don't want to use a hosting service and I don't want to submit my work to the Apple and Spotify RSS feed databases.


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