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@AntennaPod we have several podcasting platforms on the #fediverse see:

Would be cool if #antennapod had #activitypub client support. Is that something you are considering, or already planned?

Fairphone questions: does anyone have any experience?

Is it worth it? Are there similar alternatives?

I love the idea but am put off by the slick 'silicon valley' style of their brand. Can their message be trusted? Why do they have different models and keep changing them (surely the ethos would suggest one model that is modular)?

What about alternative operating systems? Compatibility with old files? Compatibility with chargers? Longevity?


Have you ever wondered why your period tracking app needs your location data? Then our #HealthSurveillance & #Privacy session is for you. It's today at 6 pm!! Sign up now in colab with & 's #TheGlassRoom #WomxnsHealthMatters


“When Tesla’s bitcoin purchase policy was announced, the bitcoin cost of a Model 3 produced about 400 metric tons of carbon dioxide, compared with just 8.85 metric tons to make and drive the car over its lifetime.”

And they call this guy a genius. I have other words in mind.

Downing aircraft to pursue the arrest of dissidents has always been outrageous. It is the modern expression of Bush-era "extraordinary rendition" (international kidnapping by state agents), and should be opposed no matter the flag under which it occurs.

While many will read this sign and discard it as untrue, it is in fact more than true. If you don't believe it yet, check out this comment explaining how US police departments can now access videos from millions of privately owned home security cameras without a warrant:

Got this in the post today

The work @markhurst does on Techtonic is definitely educational.

Have a listen

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