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Was excited about this talk almost more than any other at #fosdem. is doing amazing work in identifying surveillance patterns in native apps on Android.

And their learnings are set up to be dev-ready, easily used in your own projects.

Donate to support them!

There's no end in sight to Facebook's atrocities.

Facebook paid kids to install its VPN which granted "near limitless access" to their phone activity.

Facebook just hired a handful of its toughest privacy critics

*worriedly checks self* Oh, phew, you mean the ones who were up for sale and never really its critics to begin with.

Also see:

#SurveillanceCapitalism #WhiteWashing #Corruption Via @foggy

Friends don't bring/invite friends to Stasi networks like #facebook

Friends get them out of there

Real friends. Not #SocialControlMedia 'friends'...

Robots can’t make a decent coffee let alone take my job...

Wasn't sure how well this had aged but realised I still have my job and the coffee machine is still rubbish so maybe OK?

I have now completely moved from my #iPhone to a smartphone with /e/. I must say that I'm terribly happy and proud to work with such a great team!
Appart some glitches/missing things all working fine! And UX better than #iOS
#Privacy #Android #opensource

Unsealed court documents reveal that Facebook knew kids were being tricked into spending thousands of dollars on their parents' credit cards #casinocapitalism ##deletefacebook #babywhales #parenting #Business #facebook #Games #Post #law

#LocalBookshops treat their staff well, pay their taxes and don't track their users.

They're the most ethical way of buying physical books, they have selections curated by human beings, and if they don't have a book they can order it in (often within 24 hours).

You can find your local bookshops here:






#AlternativesAtoZ #DeleteAmazon #Books

Facebook routinely tracks users, non-users, and logged-out users outside its platform.

Here’s a video about what Privacy International found…


I’m 60 years old and want to be a web developer

Would a soon to be pensioner be able to start a career as a web developer so late in life and would they be taken seriously by their peers and clients?

If I lived in/around London, I would be at this event with bells on. If you’ve not yet heard of surveillance capitalism, this would be the perfect introduction, with the woman who coined the term:

(Hat-tip to @adamprocter )

#Manyverse is an Android app for the #Scuttlebutt social network:

Unlike traditional social networks, Scuttlebutt has no servers. Members store all their personal data on their own computer or phone, and connect directly to their friends' devices in order to update statuses. Scuttlebutt also works offline.

It's currently available on @fdroidorg and Google Play. (Note it's still in beta and many features are missing.)

#AlternativesAtoZ #SSB #OffTheGrid #SocialNetworks

404 → 302

A simple gesture for an evergreen Web.

What if links never died? What if we never broke the Web? What if it didn’t involve any extra work?

It’s possible. And easy.

Just make your 404s into 302s.

Thoughts, suggestions, and contributions welcome:

Since I care about ethical alternatives to surveillance machines like Amazon Echo or Google Home, I've voted for #mycroft Mark I in the Internet of Arduino challenge ( ) from Arrow and Indiegogo, where they stand to gain $50.000 if they win (they're among the three finalists).
A warning to people in the US, though: Arrow's privacy policy says that they will use collected data from US users for advertizing, whereas outside the US they do it only with express consent.

Here's another Amazon product to keep out of your home: Ring security cameras.

"Ring has a history of lax, sloppy oversight when it comes to deciding who has access to some of the most precious, intimate data belonging to any person."

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