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Psst… you can’t practice ethical design at a company with an unethical business model.

Pass it on.

Missing ? Fill in with the free course “Introduction to Web ” for technical and non-technical. Available through April. Info on free audit, optional certificate, verification, dates, and more:

End-to-end encryption is the best way to protect privacy online. It can't co-exist with a requirement that online services scan everything.

There is no evidence that surveilling students will lead to better safety outcomes. Instead, the few studies that exist show that visible surveillance decreases students’ perceptions of safety, equity, and support.

Thanks to anyone who identifies as a woman for their contribution to the OpenStreetMap project - be it map data, code, organising mapathons, advocacy or other :)

OpenStreetMap and International Women's Day:

Edward Snowden about #tails:

"In 2013, when a small team of journalists and I went head to head against @NSAGov to reveal the secret system of global mass surveillance, we used @Tails_Live to communicate—to reduce the risk of basic but deadly mistakes.

The NSA only learned of our plan when it hit the news"

see images for more, or view the thread on twitter:

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If you think Amazon isn’t throttling sales of content produced by its critics, think again.

It makes me wonder, because everyone knows what I think of their predatory practices towards creatives.

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Leaked Reports Show EU Police Are Planning a Pan-European Network of Facial Recognition Databases

Dear Fediverse,

we have a request:
we are looking for the 2008 comic about the Chrome browser by Scott McCloud.

If you have a high-res copy or the paper version, please get in touch! (We are planning an update 😉 )

Boosts welcome!

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