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If your new to #mastodon and you’re interested in #technology, #opensource, or #privacy topics I’ve made a list of accounts to drop a follow only OFFICIAL ones not bots

Be sure to #boost

Tor Project - @torproject
Matrix Project - @matrix
Proton Services - @protonmail @protonvpn @ProtonCalendar
Swiso - @switchingsoftware
PrivacyTools - @privacytools
Mastodon - @Mastodon
Pixelfed - @pixelfed
Pixeldroid - @PixelDroid

Hi Fediverse 👋

to celebrate the beauty of Free/Libre and Open Source Software, let's start a series of related artwork, shall we? 🎨

And why not just use corresponding logos to create it? 🙃

Let's start with:
- #Mastodon
- #Riot / @matrix
- @freedomboxfndn

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend 🙂

#ff #mastoart #floss

OK Beeb: BBC voice assistant will learn regional accents - The BBC, an organisation I fund through a mandatory licence fee, further develops their offering.

Facebook employees hold virtual walkout over Mark Zuckerberg's refusal to act against Trump

Even the guy who runs portal is upset. Runs an Orwellian mass surveillance tool by day...

Tax avoiding US big tech firms think it's 'unfair' that they are asked to pay tax

What do Amazon, Apple & Google have in common? As well as being massive, powerful & data hungry. They've all been faced with reports that contractors were able to listen to people using their smart voice assistants. They seem to be jumping into health.

Delighted to learn the brilliant UK-based Big Brother Watch has just launched their own podcast. For anyone who doesn't know them, they're one of the main privacy groups in the UK (they feature as one of the 'defenders of digital rights' in my upcoming course)

#privacy #digitalrights #surveillance #uk #podcast

@dansup At @Eunomia our philosophy is that we don't want one entity to be in charge of deciding what's true or not, but rather that users should have tools that simplify detecting misinformation. You should check out our work there. Not saying simply stating something is false is a wrong thing to do but it will put you in a difficult position for sure.

recommendations welcome please

Anyone know any good ones looking at technology and society, surveillance, protecting privacy and that sort of stuff

Any good one not covering that would be good to know about too :)

Watch out, Chrome Safe Browsing was quite privacy aware so far, it just checked URL hashes. Now it's full blown real-time monitoring of what you actually browse... and link it to your Google account.

Not that it did anything else if you had your browsing history synced to cloud 😂

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