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In case you’re a person on here who’s still trying to get away from Twitter, I wrote a user stylesheet that might help you:

So far 12 people have registered to use our BBB video meeting instance. Why not try it out? No need to feed Zoom, Google, Microsoft, etc. your money and your data (and your friends, collaborators data) and you can help build inter-cooperative infrastructure.

#MeetCoop #Cooperatives #dégooglisons

Testing out the BETA version of Ghostery browser - stripped down version of Firefox. Also can be used with Ghostery ad free meta search engine.

Model will be a $5 a month ad free version with a private ad version for free coming later.

Lucky to talk to Ania Piotrowska from Nym as part of my

Nym promises to be the 'better than ' anonymous network - a bold claim but one she says they don't make lightly.

Take a minute of your time and go read Michael E. Mann interview of the Guardian today. Well worth your time:

Money quotes: "Any time you are told a problem is your fault because you are not behaving responsibly, there is a good chance that you are being deflected from systemic solutions and policies. [...] Doom-mongering has overtaken denial as a threat and as a tactic. [...] if people believe there is nothing you can do, they are led down a path of disengagement."

CryptPad is a privacy-friendly free open source online office suite, you can follow at:

➡️ @cryptpad

It can be self-hosted, or you can use the official instance. More info available at

It's collaborative and anonymous with "zero knowledge" encryption, so no one can access your data except you and those you choose to share with.

#CryptPad #FOSS #GoogleDrive #GoogleDocs #Office365 #OnlineOffice #Alternatives #Activism #Privacy #Productivity #Office #SelfHosting

No to pixels provides a template for complaining to the UK data protection regulator ICO, but could probably be adapted easily enough for a lot of other countries.

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For context I think it was driven by this article which uses data from Hey by Basecamp

'Spy pixels in emails have become endemic'

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This was started by Dave Smyth over on the bird site:

Not to Pixels

Protest site for people to push back against tracking in most marketing emails - 99.999% of the time the senders have no consent for and is not permitted under PECR legislation in EU and UK.

Open search wants to make searching the internet open and transparent by providing a wide range of independent and free options for navigating the web.

briar wrote the following post Sun, 07 Feb 2021 08:58:24 +0100 Briar is censorship resistant

1. it does not rely on centralized server infrastructure
2. Tor, and bridges to Tor in case Tor is under censorship are implemented by default
3. build with offgrid communication in mind, in case of internet shutdown
4. no Sim card required. (sim card registration can be stopped/on hold by gov)

Don't build proxies serving only a single purpose, support general purpose censorship prevention tools such as Create #Tor nodes and bridges
#Iran #Signal

Did you know you can buy ebooks for your #Kindle, #Kobo, or #Nook from bookshops other than the ones linked to your ereader?

You can buy ebooks from hundreds of bookshops!

Kindle owners: Buy MOBI books
Everyone else: Buy ePub books

Here you go!

Ep 8 of I talk to
Safa Ghnaim
from @info_activism
about the Detox toolkit which has clear suggestions and concrete steps to help people harness all aspects of their online lives.

The Case Against Tablets

As I hunt for new computing hardware, I’m coming to the conclusion that tablets are simply a mistake. And yes, strongly informed by using one as a primary device for 5 years.

An ultra-light laptop has better utility and vastly superior privacy.

The one killer function, reading documents, seems better served by an e-book reader. ...

I'm exploring this question on Diaspora, with some good suggestions. Upshot is that tablets do most things poorly and virtually nothing well. And the landscape fully sucks.

Text reading and possibly notetaking is the major exception. And for that, an e-ink reader is the preferred option.

I'm surveying what uses people have, multi-response, with a goal more of completeness than representation. Please explain "Other".

#Tablets #Devices #Laptops #Desktops #Servers #Embedded #Mobile #Android #iOS #TheCaseAgainstTablets

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