Just finished panel for Advisory Committee (about 90 tech leaders in room) about Misinfo/Disinfo/"Fake News". I think it went great. My slides:

Fellow panelists here in Berlin: Konrad Lischka, Jochen Spangenberg, Falk Steiner

Konrad opened with pitching algorithmic diversity via ActivityPub, but no one directly suggested

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My 2* :bitcoin: : The more grammatical and spelling errors content has, the less credibility it has. And that's fairly easy to check programmatically

@dckc I hadn't seen that. It seems a bit out of scope for my expertise, but I'm glad it's happening

@sandro leaving economics out of scope is the naive mistake that got us here, no?

@dckc Are you in touch with @cwebber ? He talks about ocaps a lot, too :-)

FWIW, I really wish people would put a CW in front of pictures of aaronsw. Or maybe I just need to pay a therapist to help me get over my reactions.

Re: economics, of course I think about economic incentives and every other aspect of humanity I'm aware of, in trying to refine and aim for a solution that I can understand and support...? Maybe I'm missing your point.

@sandro yes, I'm in touch with @cwebber re ocaps... not as much as I'd like, but we chat now and then...

@andrey yes, RChain is an emerging platform for scalable blockchain applications @sandro

Requiring all social media to federate would be a big step towards breaking monopolies.

@sandro as far as I know, mastodon is not the only one that implements AP. GNU Social, pleroma, hubzilla .etc

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