so, content warnings need to be implemented much smarter.

first of all, make it a list so you can easily enumerate multiple forms of content that's parse-able to computers.

second, make users have more control over what's hidden and what's not. let people pick having a whitelist or a blacklist. i'm a pretty well-off privileged person, i don't need to have half posts on my feed hidden away with a click. it's just not good ux for me since i don't have any ptsd or the like.



Yes, for sure

It doesn't even need to be a fixed list, just the UI for picking them, should steer people towards common existing ones

A fun additional feature would be for spoilers -- include enough details (maybe even page/timestamp) and people won't see it UNTIL they get to that point, then make it easy to find.

Also, we need three states per label: Always, Ask, and Never. I don't want to be asked repeatedly about something that's too triggery.

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