I'm tired or reading "We did not consider potential harm our product could do".
What you do about this?
1. hire designers, people who care about users, ethics, build a more diverse team
3. check ethicalos.org/ to help you anticipate impacts


@stephaniewalter what if you're a one-person self-funded startup?

@sandro Doesn't excuse your actions. Eg: you still obey the law (and budget for it) when you are one-person, self-funded startup. In any case, the provided link offers a starting point.

@sandro @stephaniewalter Read the link for starters and do a lot of homework. Create a design document before you get started that states your goals, tech stack, and feature-set. Use some of your "self-funding" to pay for a consultation with a designer that focuses on ethical usage.

If you literally have zero cash, ask if someone would be willing to donate their time and feedback for your project.

Check your project at every stage of dev against known dark patterns.

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