Former lead developer at Twitter posting this. cc: @Gargron you might chime in on this on your Twitter and Mast accounts.
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@Tchambers @Gargron
Note that CEO of Automattic expressed a lot of interest in that general direction during a recent podcast.

Interview is

"I would love for Tumblr to be a better part of the open web."

There was an explicit mention of Tantek Çelik (co-chair of the W3C group that standardize activitypub) that doesn't appear in the transcript. In theory they could go for the IndieWeb stack instead, tho.

@sandro @Tchambers That is interesting. I'd be excited if that happened. Not too sure it'll really happen though. I imagine it's a big engineering effort for them.

@Gargron @Tchambers
For sure. I guess the question for us is whether there's something we can do to help them along, technically, socially, politically, etc, given this explicit openness to the idea. I haven't come up with anything better than posting about it.


@Gargron @Tchambers
Maybe someone with a bunch of tumblr followers can make a viral tumblr post about it. 🙂

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