Idle musings 

Switching planes in a crowded Munich, en route to , trying to decide if it's unlikely that humans have essentially unique faces. So many, all different.

I mean, DNA is quantized, essentially digital, right? I'm not sure genetic twins have exactly the same faces, but they're far more similar than otherwise. Why is that? That suggests there are 30+ bits of DNA data affecting the face. Why? What if it were ten, and there were only 1024 different faces?

Idle musings 

@sandro You're discounting environmental factors, we don't know how significant they are in many cases

Idle musings 

@elomatreb True. You mean uterine environment? There must be examples of DNA twins raised apart, and I think post-birth effects are small. In fact I recall a story in Mexico, where they were eventually reunited because someone saw them both and decided the similarity couldn't be chance. With ivf we could have DNA twins grown in separate environments, dunno if that has happened.

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