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What do you do when you're admin of an instance with dozens of users and you're not feeling motivated to keep up with deleting all the spam accounts or figuring how you're supposed to manage them?

Interesting hackathon in two weeks, for folks who want to help separate fact from fiction online. Some travel support available, especially to help with diversity. Application deadline tomorrow.

(I'm not involved in running it, but know the folks, and plan to be there helping with the data-sharing projects)

What do y'all think of making the first of each month be a social media push day?

Like, if you have limited energy to improve the social media world (eg by getting your friends to try or doing some setup or hack project) let's to do it in the same rhythm so we can support each other better.

Like, if four of your friends all try mastodon for the first time the same day, it's likely to go better than if they each try a different week.

Worth a try for a few months?

CEO of Pleroma here, we just became part of the IBM family. Because our goals are so aligned we'll be shutting down the fediverse tomorrow. Thanks for travelling with us on this awesome journey!

@freakazoid Link to news about canonical, or are you just running with the joke? moderation 


Looks like they still exist, and have gotten as good as you'd hope. Time to invest?

I want one to do little video loops, like the photos in Harry Potter

@liw As far as I can tell, and I've been studying this for years [cf], the only way to avoid the network effect lock-in is to avoid social features (!!) or have the system expose the social data, eg using ActivityPub. It's really hard.

I post to Twitter a lot more than here. With new followers here, I'm wondering if I should try again to find a way to be posting here as well...

@edent like, it's not that much work, but i have enormous mental resistance toward doing tedious tasks a computer could do easily. Also, haven't seen any actual spam, not sure where it might be showing up

@edent not that i know of, which makes me annoyed enough that i keep puting off slogging through them all

@Spacecommunism I once had a neighbor who stopped by to give me a bottle of wine and to mention how much he and his wife could hear.

/me googles, happy to see Pavel Curtis and LambdaMOO appear to still be in good working order


Because for the past 20 years it's been pretty much well-behaved professional sysadmins. Nothing bad happening, no need to remember to worry about it. Now we're back in the land of volunteer sysadmins and who even knows what their motives really are, etc?

(I was a sysadmin in the 80s, and am again now, for, although it's currently operated by

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