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What info could folks share online that would enable others (likely using special software) to better tell what info they can trust as accurate? This is the question, and we'd love more ideas

ICYMI: Freedombone is a home server system that enables you to **easily** self-host a variety of free software applications.
It's awesome that the Freedombone supports Gogs, the web based #Git management tool.
A great alternative for many people who aren't heavy git users and want to use a completely decentralised and lightweight system.

Here's how to use Gogs on Freedombone

Questions? Just ask @bob

#gogs #github #freedombone #freesoftware #foss #floss

pleroma, meta 

I put version control hosting + activitypub (read: federated github-alternative) on tomorrow's socialcg agenda

Shared by some friends not on mastodon, on Facebook today. A screen grab of a mastodon post is now a meme on facebook!
@natecull @Gargron

Speaking as a user — THIS 500 KB site is the web I want.

Speaking as someone who worries about the architecture of the web — I keep thinking that we’ve built a platform that is serves, in this example: 9% content, 91% ads and tracking.



Child abuse 

"If everything was legal for like twenty-four hours I'd start a communal garden."
#thepurge #purge #latestagecapitalism

What exciting things do you have planned for your day in Berlin, Sandro?

Uh, sitting on a bench. Why?

Just finished panel for Advisory Committee (about 90 tech leaders in room) about Misinfo/Disinfo/"Fake News". I think it went great. My slides:

Fellow panelists here in Berlin: Konrad Lischka, Jochen Spangenberg, Falk Steiner

Konrad opened with pitching algorithmic diversity via ActivityPub, but no one directly suggested

Hi fam I'm a #Loomio cofounder, #coop builder, #collaboration trainer, and #writer. #Decentralised #organisations are my jam. I write at

Delighted to be here 😘


this is hilarious. The far-right party #afd from #germany just had press conference with all journalists solidary leaving it after one journalist was prohibited to ask questions.

So they canceld their ''press-conference without press''

I was 9 years old when I read (and fell awestruck in love) with my first Thanos stories, recently published. Still got the comics.

Just realized that fact: Mastodon instances should indicate the name of the company/organization providing the network for this instance.

The problem is: if in a country only one network provides connectivity for 99% of the available instances like (maybe) the OVH company in France, users should know this data in order to open a backup account on an instance hosted in another network, why not in another country.

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