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Oh oh, here's my real question: What's your best graphic for showing (like on a slide during a talk) how well the is doing?

Anyone poked at how between things like and things like works or might work? Is there any point in following between one kind of server and the other kind? Or do I need to different identities?

@lain I'm giving a talk on the fediverse tomorrow at .... last minute putting together my slides, wondering if you have any key messages you'd like an audience of mostly web-oriented researchers to know (about pleroma, the fediverse, activitypub, the future of the web, the future of humanity, ....)

Lufthansa is inviting to me to checkin for my flights tomorrow from Lyon to Boston. I'm not going, but (a) there's no way to get a refund or anything, and (b) there's not even any way to tell them I'm not going, so they can sell the seats.

(Might be possible if I purchased directly, but I didn't)

At in Lyon. Recording sessions with video of variable quality. Looking for someone who wants to try to clean it up, especially edit together streams from two cameras (before second battery died).

Onion based federation is now working with #pleroma on #freedombone. This means that it's now possible to follow users on "onion only" installs.

This type of federation is quite significant, because it means independence from the DNS and CA systems. It means that even if you don't control your local internet router or don't have money to spend on domain names you can still create a social network. It significantly reduces the complexity barrier to entry for running a home server.

Hey #Mastodon #Fediverse, are there any mobile clients that support both Mastodon and the birdsite? As in, have accounts on both, post to both?

Asking for a friend.


I'm in Lyon for #TheWebConf.

It's a beautiful day and I'm starting out by getting everything I own thoroughly covered in hair at a cat cafe. I think it's gonna be a good week.

I'll be at Researcher Centric Scholarly Communication on Tuesday, the journalism and misinformation track on Wednesday, and the Developer track on Thursday. See you around?

Idle musings 

Switching planes in a crowded Munich, en route to , trying to decide if it's unlikely that humans have essentially unique faces. So many, all different.

I mean, DNA is quantized, essentially digital, right? I'm not sure genetic twins have exactly the same faces, but they're far more similar than otherwise. Why is that? That suggests there are 30+ bits of DNA data affecting the face. Why? What if it were ten, and there were only 1024 different faces?

In case you didn't know, you can use to test out the bleeding-edge version of Pinafore before the official release. This is a good way to see if your bug is already fixed, or to find new bugs if they sneak in! (And they do sometimes. 😅)

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If you had a time machine, what would you do?

The classic answer is to travel back in time to 129 years ago today, 4/20/1889, and kill baby Adolf Hitler to prevent the holocaust.

On today, 4/20, let's reflect on how the holocaust didn't happen because one dude said "what if... mass-murder?" and everyone was like "Yeah!!! Good idea!! I never would've done that if you didn't suggest it!!"

The materials conditions *and* ideology which went into the holocaust all existed before and without Hitler

If clients did nice thumbnail rendering of url content, then I should bridge my RT's here, looking fairly reasonable and not violating any rules, I expect. Maybe?

It's been a hard winter for the woods near my house. (And yes, that's snow from this morning, in April)

Since you all keep arguing over whether Masto or Pleroma is better 

Small instances: Pleroma (less server load)
Large instances: Masto (reported moderation tools and whatnot)
Mid-side: depends on whether or not you want to play God with moderation or not

I think my introduction to Christianity was JC Superstar. Love this supercut of Gethsemene high note. 2/3 of them give me chills.

I had a very interesting discussion about how we can tell when science is trustworthy. Decided to share results as tweet-storm. That approach doesn't seem to fit as well, since it wont collapse the 20+ posts, so I'll just link:

Hmm, how does it work when a local instance changes the limits, like ...? Do other folks see longer bios and posts, truncated ones, truncated-but-expandable, or what?

Hmm, when I set up I said I'd provide a "relay bot" so people could participate in the community without having to make another account. Then a year slipped by. Has anyone else solved this problem in the mean time? I'd like people to be able to follow and post to the local timeline, since it reflects a particular community of interest.

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