The TAG, working with the Privacy Interest Group, has updated the Security and Privacy Self-Review Questionnaire for specification developers!

New on the blog:

Our Ethics Drive the Architecture of the Web

(Some context for our finding on Ethical Web principles)

Topics on today's call included:

• Autoplay Detection API
• Alternative Text for CSS Generated Content
• Web Publications

Our next TAG face-to-face meeting will be in Reykjavík, Iceland! Are you a local web professional? Come to our meet-up in the evening of 21 May, hosted by our friends at, & join us in a conversation about the future of the web! 🇮🇸

Amongst the topics discussed on today's call: securing WebRTC, Accessibility Object Model, MathML, Background Fetch and Signed Exchanges...

The TAG have published some useful guidelines for development of web platform compatible components. Thanks to for your work on these! 🧩

Bonjour Paris web people! The will be holding a meet-up on the 29th of October. Please come along, hear what we're up to, and feed back about the future of the web. Find out more and register here:

Starting day 3 of @tag face-to-face. We're ploughing through design reviews of new web features today...

The TAG is meeting this week in Tokyo. Thanks to the Japan office for arranging our great meeting space at Keio University. And thanks to special guests W3C's Mike Smith and TAG alumnus for joining us!

Making good progress on our Design Principles doc at the Tokyo @tag face-to-face meeting:

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